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Addressing New Societal Expectations for Higher Education and Online Learning in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Addressing New Societal Expectations for Higher Education and Online Learning in the Post-COVID-19 Era

This article examines how people’s lives and work environments have been altered as a result of technology, how these advancements have altered societal expectations for higher education, and three solutions for colleges to address these new expectations. First, to survive the new normal, colleges must shift their student solutions and orientations to accommodate online learners. Second, faculty development must concentrate on training faculty to utilize online tools to teach. Third, institutions must better prepare students to be savvy virtual collaborators through online learning and to translate these new skills to the workforce. Finally, this paper uses the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic to present three strategies for achieving these solutions. 

Curriculum Development

I've developed and improved programs and courses for undergraduate and graduate levels, online and on-ground - utilizing my background in instructional design and online learning. 

Faculty Development

I've offered development opportunities to higher education faculty for over 10 years, including retreats, faculty fellow opportunities, workshops, conferences, and development days.

K12 Partnerships

Through early college bridge programs, community gardens, virtual tutoring, and summer camps, I've connected colleges with its local K12 schools and organizations.

Strategic Planning

I've led the strategic planning processes and created virtual frameworks to track progress across the institutions and departments, and tie department planning to the strategic plan and budget.


I've co-chaired Middle States higher education self-studies and consult with K12 schools on their MSA self-studies. Through this work, I've coordinated assessment collection, created a virtual home base, and developed digital communication plans that promote progress.

My Work